Walk 2 Vote

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       In 1971, the United States of America ratified the 26th Amendment to the Constitution granting the right to vote to citizens 18-20 years old. The 26th Amendment was the fastest to be ratified in U.S. history yet young people consistently comprise the smallest active voting bloc. While there are hundreds of organizations that focus on increasing youth voting turnout and engagement, Walk 2 Vote is one of the only programs created, organized and led by students. UHD students began the Walk to Vote initiative in 2012 and have continued it annually. In 2012, a record 70% of UHD students were registered to vote, and according to the latest results from the National Study of Learning, Voting and Engagement (NSLVE), 71.5% of those students actually voted and the overall voting rate of UH-D students was 50%. Data from 2014, a non-presidential year, still demonstrates a robust registration rate of 65%. Excitingly, data indicates a possible correlation between Walk 2 Vote and the significantly unexpectedly high voter registration and turnout at UHD.

             The Walk 2 Vote is a civic engagement initiative that has grown from a local campus program to a national model for student civic organizing. The model is a guide that will walk students through the process of planning their own civic engagement program on their campus that will include: voter deputy training (if required by state law), marketing campaigns, voter registration campaigns, funding resources, civic research, registration/voter turnout contests and a celebratory event which includes musical performances, keynote speakers and concludes with everyone walking to vote en masse (subject to local and state voting laws). Through gaining knowledge, deliberating upon the issues, and exercising the right to vote that people gain a voice in the trajectory of the country. Once people are engaged, they begin to take a deeper interest in the problems that plague the nation and consider solutions.