WomenVotes 2016

Walk2Vote and Carpool2Vote Announce Nationwide Collaboration to Enhance Voter Turnout

Washington, DC/ Houston, TX, — Walk2Vote.com, a student led nationwide voting initiative created by the students at the University of Houston Downtown to connect and empower young voters announced today it is partnering with Carpool2Vote.com, the first-ever free ride share app to the polls with the goal of enhancing nationwide voter turnout through the use of technology and community support. Together, we will empower the community to unite our voices and get our citizens more involved in our democracy!

We can all agree, this presidential election is way too important for anyone to stay home because of lack of interest in the political process or because they couldn’t get to the polls. Now a model for schools nationwide, Walk2Vote.com seeks to not only encourage student and youth voting but to educate future generations of voters in the hopes of creating a sustainable interest in the political process on a local, state and national level. The 26th Amendment guarantees youth the right to vote. Walk2Vote.com helps them and their community to go out and do it!” said John Locke, Chair of the Houston Local Walk2Vote and founder of national Walk2Vote.com.

Carpool2Vote.com is a digital platform of The WomenVotes.org blog and social channels. Co-founders Nicole Wild Merl and Thomas Cook, shared “We are very proud of our collaboration with Walk2Vote.com. By joining forces with Walk2Vote.com we seek to build our community and network of high school and college age women and caring organizations who want and can make a difference. Our purpose is to empower women to vote and run for elected office and ensure every woman, mom, grandmother (everyone) gets their chance to vote in #Election2016 .”

Locke, further explains: “Our mission is to inspire people to vote and to go beyond just voting but volunteering and really engaging through the process. That is why I am really excited to partner with Carpool2Vote because it gives people away to engage, support their communities and #VoteTogether.”

A CALL TO ACTION is now in progress to increase voter turnout in the general election on November 8, 2016. Walk2Vote.com and Carpool2Vote.com need your help to outreach to college students, high school, and women and men across the country to join together; and,

Encourage students and youth to “Walk2Vote” in the general election en masse;
Ensure individuals needing a ride to the polls know they have free Carpool2Vote App; and
Recruit volunteers to drive as well as individuals to sign up now to carpool to vote.
“Voting is your duty and your vote does count. Do not think for one minute that your vote does not matter. Look what happened in the United Kingdom, e.g. BREXIT, a larger category of people did not vote largely millennials. They did not understand what was at stake and the implications to their daily lives. You can make a difference always in exercising your right to vote!” said Monique Morrow reminding us your freedom to vote is a responsibility.